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Fuel price war to cut £4 from family car tankful

Filling station pumpsThe latest move in a fuel price war between supermarkets has cut up to 2p a litre from diesel and 1p a litre from petrol overnight.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have all made the cuts nationwide from today (Tuesday 14 October) – and experts say more cuts could be on the way, reducing petrol and diesel prices by up to 6p a litre.

This would make the cost of filling a family car around £4 cheaper.

The cheaper diesel and petrol prices come as the price of oil continues to fall, from well over $100 a barrel to less than $80 a barrel. This too could fall yet further, making it cheaper than it has been in many years.

The AA’s latest figures say the average price of petrol in Britain is 127.4p a litre. However, from today, Asda will charge no more than 123.7p a litre for petrol, and 126.7p a litre for diesel. The supermarket retainer, which has more than 230 forecourts, promises these prices will be capped across the UK.

Tesco, which with more than 500 filling stations is Britain’s biggest fuel retailer, will cut up to 2 a litre from diesel; it says that in combination with its Fuel Saver promotion, fuel will be cheaper than it has been for years.

Cheap fuel not filtering through

However, the AA warned that although falling fuel prices were welcome, some countryside residents who didn’t live close to a supermarket fuel retailer still faced very high fuel prices.

“This cut is good news but there is still a rampant postcode lottery for motorists,” said spokesman Luke Bosdet.

“Rural areas or smaller rural towns without supermarket petrol stations are still getting stung on prices. Yet in the countryside wages are often lower and motorists tend to have higher mileages.

“Once again rural families are getting hammered because lower prices in many towns are not filtering through.”

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