Halloween horrors: frightful MOT failure finds

halloween horror MOT finds

Halloween looms. As we carve our pumpkins and prepare for trick or treat, it’s worth considering the real-life horrors our country’s MOT testers face all year-round. 

To illustrate that, the Driver and Vehicle Standard’s Agency (DVSA) has shared some of the scariest sights MOT testers have seen in their daily lives. “Just when we think MOT testers out there have seen it all, something else comes into their garages to make them gasp,” says the DVSA’s website. Let’s get into it.

Frankenstein bolts

halloween horror MOT finds

In the face of a bolt deficiency, after the originals fell out, a Suzuki motorcycle rider secured his brake caliper with monster bolts. If they’d fallen out and the calliper broke free, that’s the front brakes out of action.

And to think the owner rode the bike to the test station in this condition…

Twisted terror

halloween horror MOT finds

If you’ve ever used a hose, and the water stopped, and you found kinks in that hose were the cause, you’ll be able to empathise, and cringe, at this one. 

Imagine that, but with a brake pipe designed to feed precious brake fluid to your stoppers. The new flexi hose spun the pipe to the point of strangling fluid supply.

Suspension at stake

halloween horror MOT finds

A lot is made of how Morgans are part-constructed out of ash wood. In the case of this classic British sports car, it’s quaint. In the case of a bit that’s chucked in by an ‘ingenuitive’ owner to stop suspension falling apart, it’s scary.

Witches brew

halloween horror MOT finds

In the car world, few concoctions are scarier than when oxygen, water and a little bit of salt set to work on steel. Rust is the car enthusiast’s equivalent of the poison lacing a chalice.

And it really can riddle your ride, to the point that desperate measures are resorted to. In this case, someone re-purposed a lager can, in combination with some filler, to create something resembling a safe wheel arch. It definitely didn’t work…

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