French fuel crisis: more than half of filling stations short on fuel

penurie.mon-essence.frThe ongoing French fuel crisis has now led to more than half the country’s 10,250 filling stations running low on stocks, reports the RAC.

As of 10am on Friday 27 May, around 53% of fuel stations in France are reporting shortages of diesel and petrol – and the situation is getting worse by the hour as strikers continue to block supplies.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams is thus urging Brits travelling abroad to make sure they have a full tank of fuel before they cross over to France: “People will have spent a lot of money on holidays so they will naturally be very reluctant to cancel their trips.

Travelling to France? Do not stock up on fuel in cans warns RAC

“If you are holidaying in Northern France, depending where you cross, you might well not have to refuel at all or only require a top-up. If, however, you are travelling a longer distance in France it’s vital you go in search of fuel well before you need it and accept delays and rationing.”

Williams said motorists should try to find out how far a full tank of fuel will take them – easy to do if your car has a ‘range remaining’ fuel computer, but something that may take a bit of number crunching if it doesn’t.

He also said drivers should remember to “drive fuel efficiently at all times by not accelerating too harshly and maintaining a steady speed wherever possible.”

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