Free digital aerial when you buy a DAB car stereo this weekend

Blaupunkt_DAB_copyright_SEATHow many of you out there realise that aftermarket DAB digital car radios require a new digital antenna to replace the standard aerial when fitted?

We can report that this was news to at least one member of the MR office this afternoon (naming no names, @Carson_on_cars).

DAB radio hits new car tipping point

Sadly, this does indeed mean yet another expense when making the upgrade to digital radio – something that none of us are going to be able to avoid, once the government gets around to switching off the analogue FM and AM signals (at a point in time currently no more specific than “soon”).

But not this weekend – because amongst the offers that arrived in the usual marketing spam email from Halfords is the welcome announcement that high street, retail park and online motor factor is including a free digital antenna worth £19.99 with every DAB car stereo purchased this weekend. Not only that, if you decide to buy online you’ll get free delivery until close of play on Sunday as well.

Judging by the website, prices for said DAB head units start at £95.00. Time to take advantage, perhaps? You know you’re just delaying the inevitable…

PS: this is not a sponsored post, we just thought it was useful information

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