FREE bonnet badge for ALL Saab owners

saab1Drive a used Saab and want to give it a fresh look with a shiny new bonnet badge? Well, despite the company no longer being in business, you’re in luck.

All you have to do is join the Saab Service Club at no cost and you can download a voucher to have a bonnet badge supplied and fitted free of charge at your local Saab service centre.

It may sound gimmicky – but the mechanics fittings your badge will also give your car a thorough once-over, before handing you a routine condition report outlining any items that might need addressing in the near future.

Saab Parts UK managing director, Corion Richards, said: “While Saab Parts is continuing to promote strong customer value offers in fixed price servicing and repairs, we are also offering the chance to replace any flaking or fading bonnet badges.”

(Richards admits the badges have a tendency to turn grotty as they age…)

“Given the loyalty and high regard Saab owners have for their cars, we wanted to give them something back, which would reinforce their link to their car. The new badge encapsulates this perfectly and is something distinctive to offer.”

To get your hands on a free Saab badge*, simply visit this page and click ‘get voucher’.

The offer runs from now until the end of June, and promotes the network of 80 authorised Saab centres that remain open since the manufacturer entered bankruptcy in 2011.

*Purchase of Saab may be necessary

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