80 percent drive at least 2 days per week

Research shows four in five drivers use their cars at least two days a week. Another study shows we're growing more attached to our cars.

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The vast majority of drivers (80 percent) use their cars at least two days a week. That’s according to the results of a recent YouGov survey.

Nearly one in four drivers (24 percent) say they use a car every day. This is equivalent to one in six (18 percent) of all UK adults. Those who drive every day are more likely to use a second-hand vehicle as their main car (69 percent). The most popular brand of car amongst daily drivers is Ford (16 percent), followed by Vauxhall (11 percent) and Volkswagen (seven percent).

This comes following news that more than half of drivers in the UK are more reliant on their cars than they were before the pandemic. Research conducted by the RAC found that 57 percent of UK drivers say having a car is more important than it was before the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, reluctance to use public transport in the future is at its highest level in 18 years. Coronavirus aside, motorists had many reasons for shunning public transport. Nearly half (46 percent) say fares are too high, 43 percent say the timetables don’t suit them, while 41 parent say services aren’t frequent enough.

The RAC’s Rod Dennis said: “Even with lower traffic volumes, the pandemic appears to have reinforced the bond between drivers and their cars – with public transport less attractive than ever. Motorists see having access to a car as being even more important for the trips they need to make, be that shopping for essentials or getting out to see family and friends in other parts of the country when restrictions allow.

“Without a concerted effort from government and local councils, the pandemic risks putting efforts to encourage drivers out of their cars for some trips back by years. Even before the coronavirus, drivers complained that public transport fares were often too high and services didn’t run when they needed them to. Now, for the first time since 2002, we have fewer drivers than ever saying they’re prepared to use public transport even if services improved – underlining just what a huge role the car continues to play in 2020.

Reasons for our love of the car

Drivers love their cars more than their partners

The RAC Report on Motoring lists the following reasons why drivers find it so difficult to adjust to life without a car.

  • A car is essential for carrying (e.g. shopping): 68 percent
  • A car is essential to staying connected with friends/family: 59 percent
  • A car is a safer way to travel during the coronavirus pandemic: 54 percent
  • Buses are too infrequent/take too long: 41 percent
  • Trains are more expensive than driving: 30 percent
  • A car is the only way to get around: 27 percent
  • Buses are more expensive than driving: 21 percent
  • Trains are too infrequent/take too long: 19 percent
  • There are no local railway stations: 17 percent
  • There are no local bus stops: 9 percent
  • Other: 9 percent


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