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Vintage police cars: Mopar v. The General

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General Motors and the Chrysler corporation have made some of the most iconic police vehicles of all time, and still do for that matter. Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of an evildoer like the sight of a police duty Chevrolet Tahoe or Dodge Charger hurtling toward them in the rearview mirror. And this reputation goes back decades, to a time when rock and roll was new and cars flew fins a mile high. Packages added power and durability to the standard economy sedan, and police requirements refined the breed into specialized patrol vehicle capable of ceaselessly cruising the streets and interceptors capable of running down the fastest muscle Detroit could dream up. These are but a few of our favorites from Mopar and the General. Classic Chevy fans, rejoice! We have covered Classic Chevy Police Cars all on their lonesome. What’s your dream police car? Follow MSN Autos on Facebook & Twitter Vintage police car fans in the Bay Area can see many of these vehicles in person at the Menlo Park Police and Ripon Police 27th Annual Emergency Vehicle Show.