Ford Ecosport Geneva 2015

Ford reveals ‘significant’ revisions for below-par Ecosport

Ford Ecosport Geneva 2015Ford has conceded its Ecosport mini SUV was not good enough at launch with a big set of revisions revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

The Nissan Juke-rivalling Ecosport gets “significant” styling and dynamic changes, plus improvements in standard equipment.

And it’s finally available without the archaic rear-mounted spare wheel!

Ford Ecosport Geneva 2015

Engineers have taken the Ecosport, which so disappointed Motoring Research when we had it on test recently, back to the drawing board. They’ve retuned the front suspension and revised the rear twist beam, revised both spring and damper rates, reduced the ride height by 10mm and “optimised” both power steering and ESC stability control.

It will be quieter, thanks to thicker soundproofing for the doors and dashboard – even seals around the pedals have been upgraded. Ford’s repositioned the handbrake, restyled the instrument pack and added on more chrome to lift the plain interior.

Ford Ecosport Geneva 2015

The rear-mounted spare wheel can also now be option-deleted: such cars still get the side-hinged tailgate, but it’s easier to partially open, says Ford. Cars without the spare wheel get a tyre repair kit instead.

It also sounds like the firm is now not so embarrassed by the Ecosport – all models now feature an Ecosport badge on the back.

There’s also a new Ecosport S variant, which is the best-looking small Ford SUV yet. Arriving later in the year, it boasts Deep Impact blue paint, smart black 17-inch alloys, a black roof and no roof rails, plus a rear diffuser and privacy glass.

Other revised Ecosport models will be available to order from June.

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