Ford police cars through the years

Ford recreates history with police car stunt

Ford police cars through the yearsFord has recreated a famous police car stunt it first staged 30 years ago – with a modern Focus RS taking the place of the original RS200 supercar. 

In the original stunt, which was published on 24 November 1986, Ford snappers photographed a police-liveried RS200 ‘pulling over’ a high-performance Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. 

Ford police cars through the years

In the 2016 equivalent, a police-liveried Focus RS takes the place of the RS200 in the scene – and in a further neat touch, this time it’s actually the RS200 that’s being pulled over!

Ford police cars through the years

Ford has even issued a press release that mimics the typed-out original, using a similar headline and following the 1986 wording closely. 

In it, the blue oval explains the police were trialling the Focus RS, just as they were apparently trialling the RS200 back in 1986. There are no records of an RS200 actually making it to police car duty and we don’t think the Focus RS is likely to see active service either: now, as then, this is a promo stunt to show Ford’s diverse police car activities. 

In pictures: Ford police cars through the years

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Comparing the Focus RS with the RS200 is revealing, though. Back in 86, the RS200 was the supercar pinnacle of Ford’s range, a limited-to-200 rally-bred machine that would have no problem catching the high-performance Sierra RS Cosworth it was apparently pulling over. 

The RS200 produced 250-horsepower in road-going guise, good for 0-60mph in less than five seconds… which coincidentally is an acceleration time matched by the 2016 Focus RS! Only this time, the five-door hatch has 345-horsepower, and five doors rather than two, and five seats, and a boot big enough for police car traffic cones and the like. 

That’s evolution for you, is the message from Ford – which is why it’s replicated the scene 30 years on.

Oh, and performance in 2016 is a whole lot cheaper than in 1986 as well. Today, the Focus RS costs £31,250. In 1986, the RS200 cost £50,000: adjusted for inflation, that’s more than £130,000…

Video: Ford Focus RS vs RS200

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