Ford Focus RS too slow? Mountune has a performance pack for that

Remember when aftermarket tuning company Mountune offered a £599 performance upgrade for the Fiesta ST, and everyone thought it was the bargain of the century?

It’s now worked its magic on the hot new Focus RS, boosting power to a 911-baiting 375hp.

The firm has been working with Ford’s in-house performance division on the kit, which includes an ECU remap, freer-breathing air filter, bespoke high-performance silicone hoses and an upgraded air re-circulation valve.

The result is a car that will now hit 62mph in 4.5 seconds – two tenths quicker than the already-rather-pokey standard Focus RS. And the price? That’ll be £899.

Aftermarket tuners usually scare manufacturers into voiding warranties, but Ford is happy to give the Mountune pack its approval – so you’ll be covered for mechanical failure for the car’s first three years or 60,000 miles.

Ford Focus RS too slow? Mountune has a performance pack for that

Ford Performance vehicle engineering manager, Tyrone Johnson, said: “Ford has a proud history of working with Mountune to unleash even more power from our hot hatchbacks for dedicated performance enthusiasts.

“Boosting power to 375hp launches the already class-leading Focus RS even further ahead of the field.”

The pack can be fitted by any Mountune-approved Ford dealer, which will take an hour and a half.

When we drove the Ford Focus RS in January, we described it as “a genuinely five-star hot hatch that takes its place alongside the Fiesta ST, Escort Cosworth and other notable fast Fords in the pantheon of greats.”

It’s no surprise, then, that the company has received 4,600 UK orders since September. Does it need more power? No. Would we spend £899 with Mountune? Too right…