What do millennials want in cars?

Revealed: the five things young people want in a car

What do millennials want in cars?

What do young people want from their cars? In a market where fewer are keen to get behind the wheel, the industry is scrabbling to conjure up some millennial appeal. Seat did some digging and came up with these answers…


Apparently, what millennials want most out of a car is good looks. Four in 10 buyers aged between 25 and 37 said styling is one of the main reasons for buying a car. A third of under-30s consider a car to be an expression of their personality, according to Seat’s research. They want the car to reflect their individual style.


This is the one we most expect: millennials want connectivity. That doesn’t necessarily mean in-car wi-fi or other such services. What they want is to be able to integrate their devices. A car should be a willing companion in its driver’s technology ecosystem. One in every three millennials reckons connectivity can make or break a car.

From a simple auxiliary input for music or Bluetooth, to Apple Carplay, Android Auto and even Amazon Alexa for smartphone integration. A side note, it seems, is a good set of speakers. What’s the point of hooking up your phone if you can’t enjoy your tunes?

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Size matters

Half of buyers from this generation are very clear in their preference for small models. Just 25 percent of millennials are able to buy cars with their savings, so smaller, better-value cars appeal. SUVs and crossovers have, however, permeated this market, with 20 percent buying into higher-riding models.

Purchase preamble

Millennials pre-purchase rituals are different, too. Being the connected generation, they are no strangers to making good use of the information superhighway. Young buyers tend to research cars on the internet for as long as nine weeks before taking the plunge. That’s according to Enrique Pastor, head of market research at Seat.

Young people are also more open to advice from friends and family. As many as 23 percent consult their inner circle before making a choice. That number almost halves for buyers over 40.

What do millennials want in cars?

How we use our cars

The way millennials are getting around is changing more than any generation before them. They’re the first generation that are entertaining the idea of car-sharing. Enrique explains: “[Car-sharing is] a trend that can be expected to intensify in the future: an estimated 36 million users worldwide will be using car-sharing services by 2025.”

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