McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

First McLaren Senna owner takes delivery, drives it to the South of France

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to FranceOh, how we admire London businessman David Kyte. Not only is he the lucky owner of McLaren Senna number 001, he took delivery at the McLaren Technology Centre and immediately set out on a 1,400km road trip to the South of France.

He drove down in convoy with three other McLaren Sennas, a McLaren 720S and a McLaren 600LT. Ayrton’s nephew, fellow racer Bruno Senna, also tagged along for the drive. Destination? The Pure McLaren driving experience that’s taking place this weekend.

Talk about hitting the road in style.

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

Admirably though, Kyte is signalling to the world that his Senna will definitely not be a ‘Garage Queen’, but one that’s actually driven. We duly doff our caps to him in absolute respect. As does McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt.

“David Kyte is a longstanding McLaren enthusiast with a true passion for our brand, and a number of McLarens to prove it.” 

Kyte, he explained has been in long discussions about the exact spec of his Senna, and “the additional work that David has commissioned from McLaren Special Operations has taken ‘Senna 001’ to another level”.

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

What work is that? A paint job in MSO Anniversary for starters, with a special MSO Aurora Blue livery that contains the Senna brand on the massive rear wing’s endplates. McLaren says painting it took 600 hours – and two paint specialists spent two weeks simply masking it up before the livery was painted on.

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

What circuit is that on the front of the car? Sao Paulo in Brazil, Senna’s home circuit: it’s been precisely located so the McLaren badge marks the start/finish line.

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

There’s more bespoke work inside, and more Senna references: his signature is on the door shut, and his Formula One World Champion years are engraved on the accelerator pedal. And Kyte has spent ages with the McLaren MSO team picking out things such as Harissa Red seat stitching (including a Senna ‘S’ logo on the headrests), Volcano Red door struts and red-tinted carbon fibre control surrounds.

McLaren Senna 001 first drive to France

McLaren’s PR team spoke to him after his epic drive. “I committed to buying a McLaren Senna as soon as I became aware that McLaren was developing the car – so, long before the name was confirmed – but leaving the McLaren Technology Centre after the handover ceremony was the first time I have actually driven one.

“Now, with 1,400km covered, I’m delighted to report that as someone who rates driver engagement as crucial to driver enjoyment, the Senna has more than exceeded my expectations.” Phew!

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