First 5 Minutes: Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion


Ah, Golf Bluemotion: it’s good to be back. My old MSN Cars long-termer was a peach, and still much-missed by me and Mrs. A. Step into the new one, then, and it’s as we were. Lovely.

What, despite this being an all-new MQB car? Yup: no matter how much they change, VW engineers will never design a new Golf that isn’t a Golf. Familiarity is all here: evolution, never revolution.

So I faced the familiar round dials, thought the distinctively edgy shoulder to the door trim looked familiar and didn’t see any great surprises in the rest of it, either. Oddly, this was a three-door car, which was a bit of a pain (who buys them these days if they don’t look, as this doesn’t, like a sporty coupe?) but otherwise, all was easy.

And the really clever thing about it being the same is that you can improve on what’s there and deliver immediately obvious benefits to people. So I started the familiar 1.6 TDI and was rewarded with something quieter, smoother, more distant. Selected first and felt the ratios click together more tightly. Didn’t even have to bother with the Golf’s traditionally over-heavy handbrake as it has now gone completely, replaced by an electric parking brake button.

Being a Bluemotion, this has pattery sports-spec suspension that means it’s surprisingly stiff for a cooking car around town. Makes it iron-granite-rock-solid confident at speed though, an effect that’s enhanced by the big reduction in noise levels with this Mk7 version. I can’t think of a car in this sector that’s quiet: I don’t remember many from the next sectors up that are so hushed.

All as it was, then. No great surprises, but no disappointment: the Golf has always been right to me. This one’s simply that bit more right.

What a seemingly pleasant few days ahead I have…