1_5-mins-911-TurboI took my wife away for a weekend away in the Cotswolds, and it was nearly in the 911 Turbo. Good job CJ needed it instead.

Five minutes is all it took last night to convince me that the Porsche option would have been a major mistake.

The ride in town is terrible. Harsh, bumpy, unpleasant. It reminds me of an earlier 911 GT3, the incarnation before Porsche had invented its magic adaptive suspension. My take on the 911 Turbo is that it’s an extremely fast grand tourer, combining top-level performance with relaxing, ground-munching ability. Not this one.

And that begs the question of what it’s all about. Yes, it has searing acceleration when you dare exploit it. Real eyeball popping stuff. Yet it sounds like the new F1 cars, the distinctive 911 exhaust sound muted to a drone by the turbochargers stuck in the system.

The other issue is that inside it looks just like a regular £75,000 911, not a £120,000 über Porsche. Just look at those seats. Could they be any plainer?


Back in September last year we had a base 3.4-litre 911 in the office. With lurid orange paintwork, a sports exhaust and, yes, quite a lot of extras, it was simply a blast to drive. This 911 Turbo lacks that thrill, but neither does it fulfil the luxury cruiser well role successfully. What’s it for, then?