Land Rover Freelander 2 MR long termerMy new long-term test car arrived at the office yesterday. Land Rover convinced me that spending some time in the current Freelander would be a good amuse de bouche before the arrival of its Discovery Sport replacement next year. 

Not that they were saying quite that, because Land Rover won’t publically admit to the new car, not yet anyway.

Initially impressions? The Freelander stands well removed from the current trend of crossovers like the Qashqai, Sportage, Kuga and so on. This is a proper off-roading, 4×4, sport utility vehicle.

Does that means it’s a bit crude for city use? Not from first impressions. In fact it gives less away to the Range Rover Evoque than you might think, though the £39K price tag of this top HSE Lux model demands decent levels of sophistication.

But my overwhelming first impression is how wonderful the visibility is. Large, deep windows all round mean the view out surpasses any of those blind spots you get with crossovers. A definite advantage on the school run.