photo-2I’m writing, as you can see, from the back of an Audi A8 L. Not just any A8, either. My A8.

Well, my A8… for a week. Tonight, I’m going to a product presentation, then my driver (my driver! Bonkers) is taking me back home and leaving the car with me.

Talk about delivering a car in style.

The presentation is in Henley-On-Thames, a 100-mile trek down the M40. So I’ve plenty of time to enjoy the splendor of sitting in the back of a long-wheelbase luxury car. Audi does great interiors in all its cars: believe me, the fit and finish of its top line interior is quite something. Never has stroking a door pull or pulling a grabhandle been more satisfying.

Its leather seats are impossibly soft to the touch. The pliant ride sooths away bumps with less of a bump-thump, more of a noise like a Champagne bottle being opened (the proper way). Those LED lighting strips in the roof are rather special too – oh, and the rich need have no fear about trading into 47mpg diesel engines if the refinement of this 3.0-litre TDI is anything to go by.

First 5 Minutes are usually written from behind the wheel. It’s very nice to do this one from the back seat. I’m looking forward to getting up front, though… for all the Mercedes-Benz S-Class’ standard-setting brilliance (and I know already the Benz is the better car), I’ve always liked A8s so reckon I’ll quite enjoy a week behind the wheel of this one.

But only after, I’m lucky enough to say, sitting back and enjoying another 100 miles in the back of it…