Couple driving

A fifth of British people HATE their partner’s driving

Couple driving

Is your dearly beloved a danger behind the wheel? Don’t feel bad if you feel that way. According to a survey of 2,000 British motorists, as many as 26 percent are scared to get in a car with their partner.

So, what kind of irksome behaviour behind the wheel could prompt your partner to fear riding shotgun?

The female contingent is accused of everything from hesitancy at junctions and being in the wrong gear, to leaving “you could get a bus in there” kerb-side gaps when parking. Braking too hard and too late is apparently an issue, too.

What about the boys? Gents get grief for having a lead foot on some of the more free-flowing roads the UK has to offer. Guys also allegedly drive a bit close to the car in front and have unsettling bouts of road rage.

Couple driving

On average it takes just 28 minutes of a car journey for tempers to flare between couples; 69 percent say every drive contains a row of some sort. Unfamiliar roads, trips to the supermarket and journeys of more than two hours in general are said to be confrontation black spots. 

More than a fifth said that they hate the way the other person drives, with 40 percent saying they regularly berate their partners for bad driving.

In terms of judging oneself, as many as 74 percent of men say they’re better drivers than their partners. That compares to just 43 percent of women who have similarly high opinions of their driving skill.

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