Fiat Tipo

Fiat Tipo name returns – but is it coming to Britain?

Fiat TipoFiat has revived the Tipo name for its new family car – this time applying it to a simple and value-led saloon range.

Previewed by the Fiat Aegea Project earlier in the year, Fiat’s confirmation the new car will be called Tipo brings back a name it’s used throughout its history; it was last applied to the clever family hatchback range launched in 1988.

The new Fiat Tipo is a 4.5-metre long saloon that has a 510-litre boot and accommodation for five passengers “with ease”.

Fiat’s fitting it with two petrol and two diesel engines, capping powered between 95-120hp; it’s been co-designed in Italy and Turkey, and will be built at Fiat’s Turkish plant in Bursa.

The firm is offering it as part of its so-called ‘Functional Family’, which emphasise Dacia-like attributes of practicality, simplicity and value for money.

All sounds good – apart from one question: will Fiat sell it in the UK? Currently, this has not been confirmed and, given the company’s focus on the premium-price 500 range, may not be forthcoming.

It sounds like there’s still chance to have a say, though: would you like to see Fiat bring the new Tipo saloon to Britain? If so, let us know and we’ll campaign on your behalf…

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