Fiat breaks world record (and it's not for the reasons you think)

Fiat breaks world record (and it's not for the reasons you'd expect)

Nearly 1,500 lucky winners collected their new Fiat 500s in less than two days following a competition held between the car firm and Italian supermarket chain Esselunga. With an official Guinness World Record judge in attendance, Fiat managed to set the record for the most cars handed over within 48 hours.

Based on the Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge, a special edition model was made for the record attempt, featuring Pastel white paint, an exclusive ‘Esselunga’ badge on the pillar and a numbered plaque inside. Chrome mirror caps and Colour Therapy 14-inch wheels complete the look.

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The world record bid took place at Fiat’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, where 1,520 brand new Fiat 500s lined the plant’s test track. Of those, a total of 1,495 were collected by new owners who travelled from all over Italy.

“This record and Fiat’s partnership with Esselunga confirm the unique personality that has been central to the Fiat 500 throughout its history and helped ensure its worldwide success,” said the car manufacturer in a statement.

“Esselunga decided to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in business by selecting an outstanding, truly unique car to reward the loyalty of the customers who continue to choose the products and services offered to them every day, affirming the values of customer-focus and uniqueness that Fiat and Esselunga share.”

It’s not the first official world record to be broken by a car manufacturer. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, Jaguar took the F-Pace through a loop-the-loop setting a world record of 19.8 metres. Stunt driver Terry Grant was at the wheel.

In 2013, an American managed to break the record for the furthest distance pushing a car in 24 hours. Joey Motsay shoved a Fiat 500 50 miles around a car park raising money for charity in the process.

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