From Freddie to Fifi… the most popular names for Fiat 500s

naming Fiat 500s

After all the excitement around the royal baby’s name (spoiler alert: he’s ‘Archie’) Fiat has revealed what buyers of its trendy 500 supermini call their cars.

Fiat offers free name stickers to 500 owners, and more than 3,000 have taken up the offer via the ‘’ website.

Whether that’s a reflection on the car or the people who buy it, you can decide for yourself…

naming Fiat 500s

Anyway, Fiat has taken a look at the 3,000 sticker requests and established the top-five most popular names for new 500s, as chosen by their proud owners.

In reverse order, they are: Freddie, Minty, Luigi, Bella and –most popular of all – Fifi. 

Looking at the most popular names for cars overall, none of Fiat’s names makes the top 10 list. Betty comes top for other cars, with Tilly, Katy, Peggy, Alfie, Bertie, Amy, Dave, Bert and Bob following. 

naming Fiat 500s

“The fantastic response we had from owners shows how the Fiat 500 is so much more than a car to its owners. It becomes a member of the family,” said John MacDonald, Mopar service director.

“With the birth of the Royal baby, I predict the popularity of Archie will increase.”

What would you name your Fiat 500? We’d go with Enzo – as a nod to Ferrari – although Luigi is probably our favourite from the top-five.

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