Fewer Brit drivers caught speeding in France over Le Mans weekend

The number of drivers caught speeding during the Le Mans 24 Hour weekend was considerably lower than last year, according to one French police force.

The Gendarmerie de l’Orne covers just one of the regions Brit drivers might pass through on their way to the race.

Last year, DriveEurope reports, nearly 1,000 tickets were handed out in the region which includes the A88 from Caen and A28 from Rouen.

But for this year’s race, the Orne Police has revealed 177 drivers were caught speeding through the region.

Out of these speeders, 20 have had their licence revoked in France – including six of Spanish or British nationality.

The top speeds recorded were 195km/h (121mph), 194km/h (121mph), and 192kmh (119mph). The speed limit on most French motorways is 130km/h (81mph) in dry conditions.

Other infringements included driving under the influence of alcohol, using their mobile phone while driving and not wearing seat belts. It’s not known whether any of these drivers were British.

Many visitors to the race, a yearly pilgrimage for many UK car enthusiasts, complained of heavy traffic and delayed ferries.

Other police forces on the way to Le Mans are yet to reveal how many speeding offences they dealt with.