Ferrari: “we trust our dealers”

Ferrari: “We trust our dealers”

Ferrari: “we trust our dealers”

Ferrari has responded to claims made last week that dealerships are cancelling orders for its 458 Speciale if customers haven’t chosen enough options.

The manufacturer told Motoring Research that no official Ferrari dealer would operate in this way and if such tactics were uncovered, it would take action.

A spokesman said that “Ferrari allocates a certain number of cars to each dealer and it is solely the dealer’s responsibility to allocate those cars to their client base.

“Ferrari does not dictate to the dealers in which order the clients should be allocated cars, as we trust our dealers to understand their clients and to manage the client relationship directly.”

Previously, borrowing experts Magnitude Finance told us that customers were being asked to leave a deposit for the Ferrari 458 Speciale, but that didn’t guarantee they’d get one of the limited edition models.

Magnitude Finance director, Tim Marlow, said: “One client ordered the car many months ago but he was subsequently advised to increase the options he selected to guarantee delivery simply because others are prepared to pay over the odds to get one new.”

Claim: Ferrari agents repeatedly contacting customers

Marlow also said that “we have another client who has successfully secured the car using our finance and he said between placing his deposit and the balance, the agent he bought it from contacted him on five occasions to say others wanted to buy it if he changed his mind.”

Ferrari responded to this, insisting that “no official Ferrari dealer would operate in this way; it’s not acceptable customer service and we would take action.

“We have very strict criteria: an official Ferrari dealer would never put a client in that position.”

The 458 Speciale is expected to be replaced by a turbocharged model in 2015, making it one of the last naturally aspirated Ferraris ever made.

As such, it’s likely to be worth considerably more than its current £208,090 list price in the future – meaning it’s proving hot with investors.

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