Ferrari to auction V12 LAF number plate for charity

Money raised by auction will go to the Henry Surtees Trust

Ferrari to auction V12 LAF number plate for charity

Bought a La Ferrari but yet to find the perfect private number plate? Ferrari is taking bids for its V12 LAF plate – with proceeds going to the Henry Surtees Trust.

The brand’s flagship model is powered by an 800hp V12 engine and a 163hp KERS hybrid system.

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If you want the plate you’ll have to find the cash pretty quickly though, as it is up for grabs in a sealed bid auction that ends on 30 November.

The money it raises will be donated to the charity set up by former F1 champion, John Surtees OBE, in memory of his late son Henry.

Surtees said: “We are honoured that Ferrari has chosen to donate the proceeds of this auction to the Henry Surtees Trust. The work we are doing is absolutely critical to help save the lives and provide emergency support for people who sustain serious head injuries.

“Henry would have been very proud of Ferrari’s continued association with the Surtees family, more than 50 years after I drove for Il Commendatore.”

Bids for the number plate should be sent to Ferrari’s head office in Slough, in a sealed envelope marked HSF Charity Auction.

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