Ferrari Concept F1

Ferrari reveals stunning Formula 1 concept

 Ferrari Concept F1Ferrari has revealed an incredible artist’s impression of what it says has been created to show how a “more beautiful” Formula 1 car could look. 

The Concept F1 has been revealed ahead of a meeting between F1 team bosses to discuss future regulations of the sport.

Ferrari says the F1 concept car, created by the Ferrari Styling Centre, is “aesthetically beautiful, attractive, aggressive, without necessarily disrupting the regulations”.

That latter point is significant: it shows what could be possible largely within the regulations as they are today – making the concept even more tantalising…

Ferrari Concept F1

Integrated aerodynamics, a simpler rear wing and partly enclosed wheels give it a futuristic appearance: Ferrari says the changes, while not invasive, “immediately give a visual impression very different than we’re used to”.

We should say so. Question is, do you agree with Ferrari’s hope that it’s created a more beautiful Formula 1 car?

If so, head over to the Ferrari F1 Concept website and have your say…


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