Sergio Marchionne

Ferrari to increase production with arrival of new boss?

Sergio MarchionneFerrari may lift its self-imposed annual production cap from 7000 cars to around 10,000 cars a year in order to meet spiralling customer demand, its incumbent new Chairman has said.

Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne, who takes over from Luca di Montezemolo as Ferrari Chairman on 13 October, has said the growing number of super-rich customers worldwide means Ferrari must respond to ensure they don’t become frustrated.

“If that class increases, we should be able to follow them,” Bloomberg reports Marchionne said. If it doesn’t respond, “the waiting list will become too long, and people get tired”.

Outgoing boss di Montezemolo has made a production cap a key part of his Ferrari strategy over the past few years.

The brand could sell many more cars, he argued, but this would undermine its exclusivity: better keep production behind demand than put the brand image at risk through market saturation.

Marchionne clearly disagrees, and will now work to increase the flow of Ferraris being produced each year: boosting production to 10,000 cars a year is a hefty rise of over 40 per cent.

Last week, Ferrari reported half-year sales are down slightly but predicts it will recover in the second half of the year to post a modest 5% sales increase. In 2013, it sold 6922 cars.

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