Ferrari 458 Italia China 2

Ferrari to build special car celebrating 60 years in America

Ferrari 458 Italia China 2Ferrari has used its half-year board meeting to confirm an exclusive new model will be revealed at an event in October to mark 60 years of Ferrari in America.

The ‘special car’ will be revealed at a ‘special event’ said the firm… luckily, soon-to-depart Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo was, surprisingly, a bit more candid.

“To celebrate Ferrari’s 60th year in the USA, we have developed a special car of which just 10 examples will be built, in addition to planning a major event in Los Angeles to bring together all our American clients and collectors, and a charity initiative.”

di Montezemolo didn’t go so far as to reveal what the car is. But it seems likely the special Ferrari America 60 car could be a limited edition version of a current model, similar to its China 20 458 Italia released in 2012 (pictured above).

But as America is Ferrari’s largest market – and has grown 13% in the last six months alone, it’s possible Ferrari may go one better than simple liveries and graphics for its special car. Limited-build LaFerrari, anyone?

Ferrari is thriving (but its architect is leaving)

The latest results from Ferrari show the firm continues to prosper. Revenues were up 14.5% and net profits rose to more than £100 million in the six-month period to July 2014. The firm has £1.2 billion in the bank, “an unprecedented result” it said proudly in its financial statement.

That’s despite deliveries falling 3.6% to 3631 cars, too. Ferrari says it’ll catch up in the second half of the year, with deliveries for 2014 predicted to rise 5%. Small growth, yes – but entirely in line with di Montezemolo’s policy of making sure demand exceeds supply.

Of course, the results were released following the news earlier this week that di Montezemolo is to depart in October, soon after the special Ferrari for America is revealed. What will this mean for the financial health of Ferrari – and how will all the key figures in the latest balance sheet change over the next few years?

Ferrari is, in the final financial report issued under Luca di Montezemolo’s lengthy stewardship, in rude health. Whether the future marks a turn for the better or worse remains to be seen…

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