Ferrari 458 Speciale buyers told “pay more or lose out”

Ferrari 458 Speciale buyers told “pay more or lose out”

Ferrari 458 Speciale buyers told “pay more or lose out”

Ferrari dealers are taking deposits of up to £20,000 for Ferrari 458 Speciales, yet warning customers their orders might be cancelled if someone wants to buy one with more options.

That’s according to lending specialists Magnitude Finance, who say customers are being gazumped as collectors want to own what’s expected to be one of the last naturally aspirated Ferraris to be made.

Magnitude Finance director, Tim Marlow, said: “One client ordered the car many months ago but he was subsequently advised to increase the options he selected to guarantee delivery simply because others are prepared to pay over the odds to get one new.

“We have another client who has successfully secured the car using our finance and he said between placing his deposit and the balance, the agent he bought it from contacted him on five occasions to say others wanted to buy it if he changed his mind.”

The Ferrari 458 will be seen as a landmark car for the Maranello manufacturer, with the more powerful Speciale expected to make extraordinary money as collectors’ items in the future.

Ferrari’s 458 is currently on sale for £178,551, while the more extreme Speciale retails at £208,090 – without options.

But when the naturally aspirated V8 supercar is (potentially) replaced by a turbocharged model, expected to happen next year, prices of looked-after examples could go through the roof.

Marlow added: “Everyone we speak to sees this as the next appreciating model over the long-term like the 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia 16M before it, so demand is really high.

“To ensure it is as sought after as possible and commands the highest price in years to come should they decide to sell, they want to be the first and only name on the logbook.”


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