Perfect Porsche collection up for sale

Perfect Porsche collection up for sale

Perfect Porsche collection up for salePorsche collectors, take note. RM Sotheby’s Paris sale on 8 February includes an incredible collection of Swiss Porsches – from a classic 356 Speedster to a special edition 991 Carrera S. The auction is part of Retromobile show week, one of the highlights of the classic car calendar. A 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder was Sotheby’s star lot last year, selling for €2.7million.

1986 Porsche 930 Turbo FlachbauPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £85,000 – £110,000

Let’s kick off our 2016 round-up with this fabulous 930 Turbo – one of just 948 Flachbau (flat-nose) cars made. We love the period purple paint and red leather interior, although the walnut dashboard jars a little.

The Flachbau’s signature pop-up headlights were apparently inspired by Porsche’s Type 935 racer. A 300hp 3.3-litre flat-six behind the rear axle keeps lucky drivers firmly on their toes.

1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A 1600 SpeedsterPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £255,000 – £340,000

Ironically, the Speedster was conceived as a cheaper entry-point into Porsche’s 356 line-up – yet these back-to-basics roadsters are the most valuable 356s today. The car’s looks take most of the credit: it’s lean, low-slung and simply stunning.

This particular 356 has the larger 1.6-litre ‘Super’ engine, which produces a heady 75hp. The Speedster was a big hit in the US – and proved its worth in hillclimbs and circuit racing, too.

1988 Porsche 959 SportPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £1,250,000 – £1,700,000

From one icon to another: the 959 was launched in 1986 and was Porsche’s first hypercar. It was vastly more advanced than the rival Ferrari F40, with adaptive four-wheel drive and ‘zero-lift’ aerodynamics.

Out of 284 Porsche 959s, just 29 were built to Sport spec – as here. The 959 S had a leather-wrapped rollcage and four-point racing harnesses instead of seatbelts. It was fitted with more conventional coilover suspension and stripped of air conditioning and a stereo.

1970 Porsche 914/6Perfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £34,000 – £51,000

Prefer something without a six-figure price tag? How about this Porsche 914/6? This mid-engined, six-cylinder roadster was nearly expensive as a 911 when new and is a rare sight today.

The 914 was jointly developed with Volkswagen. It was the entry-level car in Porsche’s 1970 range, but still boasted independent front and rear suspension, and disc brakes all-round. This car has the iconic Fuchs alloy wheels, too.

2014 Porsche 911 Carrera S Martini Racing EditionPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £127,000 – £153,000

Yes, it’s basically just a new 991 Carrera S with some stickers. But when said stickers are the celebrated Martini Racing livery, and this is one of just 80 such examples made, Porsche collectors are bound to sit up and take notice.

This 911 has just 90 miles on the clock and is described by RM Sotheby’s as ‘in virtually as-new condition throughout’. Standard kit on all Martini Racing Editions includes an Aerokit Cup bodykit, the Sport Chrono package, PCM navigation, a Bose stereo and electric seats.

1993 Porsche 928 GTSPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £43,000 – £60,000

Back in 1978, Porsche hoped its new 928 would replace the ageing 911. Four decades later, the 911 is still with us and this large, front-engined GT is a footnote in automotive history. This 928 GTS won’t be for everyone, but it’s one of the most affordable Porsches in the auction.

The GTS was last-hurrah for the 928, with a 350hp V8 and beefed-up brakes. This car has a five-speed automatic gearbox – well-suited to the 928’s laid-back demeanour – plus white leather trim and lightweight ‘Cup’ alloy wheels.

1976 Porsche 912 EPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £17,000 – £26,000

Think this 911 seems cheap? That’s because it’s a 912 – a budget, four-cylinder Porsche built from 1965 to 1969. The 912 easily outsold its bigger brother, but was soon replaced by the VW-Porsche 914.

Most 912s had 1.6-litre engines, which makes this 2.0-litre 912 E especially desirable. The 90hp E was only produced for one year and boasted a top speed of 115mph. Not quite 911 performance, then – but it certainly looks the part.

2000 Porsche 911 GT3 ClubsportPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £85,000 – £111,000

Now we’re talking. The first time Porsche used its now-iconic GT3 nameplate was on the ‘996’ 911, built from 1998 to 2005. The GT3 blurred the boundaries between road and race car, with a high-revving, naturally-aspirated engine and few creature comforts.

This 5,000-mile GT3 has the optional Clubsport pack, which includes a rollcage, hard-shell bucket seats and a single-mass flywheel. And, unlike the current 991 GT3, it has a manual gearbox. A rapier-sharp track-day weapon.

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTPerfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £60,000 – £77,000

Like the GT3, the 924 Carrera GT was born out of Porsche’s desire to go racing. A wide-body development of the 924 Turbo, its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine developed 210hp – or up to 380hp in race trim.

This silver Carrera GT has covered just under 50,000 miles and has been restored to its original specification. It’s one of just 406 cars built to meet Group 4 homologation rules.

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S 3.6Perfect Porsche collection up for sale

Estimate: £553,000 – £639,000

We finish with one of the coolest-looking 911s ever: the brutish 964 Turbo. This car is highly collectible, being one of just 93 3.6-litre cars built to Turbo S spec – and only 17 without the ‘Flachbau’ flat nose. No wonder it’s second only to 959 in terms of predicted value.

The full-fat Turbo S has a ZF locking differential and has 385 wild horses at its rear wheels. RM Sotheby’s reports this car ‘once belonged to a professional baseball player’. It has covered just 14,000 miles in the past 23 years.

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