16 07, 2018

‘Important’ Maserati collection celebrates the golden age of grand tourers

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We preview six fabulous Maseratis heading to auction with RM Sotheby's in London – including a Frua-bodied Quattroporte and a Ghibli SS Spyder

16 07, 2018

Festival of the Unexceptional 2018: meet the unloved classics with a cult following

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Photos from the 2018 Festival of the Unexceptional at Stowe House, near Silverstone – from an original Invacar to a Datsun Cherry estate

15 07, 2018

The biggest and most flamboyant American cars

By | July 15th, 2018|1 Comment

We reveal the 21 longest American cars from the ‘land yacht’ era of the 1960s through to the early 1980s

11 07, 2018

Croatia in cars: from V8 coaches to electric hypercars

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With England playing Croatia in the World Cup, we take a very brief look at the Croatian automotive industry

10 07, 2018

Fun-to-drive cars for less than £1,500

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Cheap thrills: 20 fun-to-drive cars for sale on Auto Trader for less than £1,500

9 07, 2018

10 brilliant Pininfarina designs – and 10 you can afford

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Pininfarina is responsible for some of the world’s most alluring cars. Here are 20 of the firm’s greatest hits

6 07, 2018

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

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The World Cup clash between England and Sweden will have millions on the edges of their seats. But what we really want to know is, which country makes the coolest cars?

6 07, 2018

Order, order: the cars of British politicians

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As Theresa May takes over at Number 10, we take a look back some other politicians on four wheels

5 07, 2018

This is the British answer to a Singer Porsche 911

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The Paul Stephens Le Mans Classic Clubsport is a bespoke Porsche 911 that pays homage to the legendary 1973 2.7 RS

4 07, 2018

Whatever happened to the coupe cabriolet?

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Remember the coupe cabriolet? From a slow start, the CC hit the mainstream at the turn of the millennium, but the boom years are behind it. Much like that dodgy rear end