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In pictures: Bizarre seized ‘supercars’ in government auction

As last week’s Wilsons Auctions’ sale of sci-fi memorabilia auction highlights, crime doesn’t pay. The lots formed part of a convicted drug dealer’s collection of television and movie memorabilia, assembled at the cost of £1m. When the hammer fell on the final lot at the Belfast auction, the entire group sold for just £340,000. We round up the automotive highlights.

‘McLaren F1’ kit car

Why spend upwards of £10m on a McLaren F1, when this Toyota MR2-based replica is almost as good as the real thing? We say ‘almost’, while acknowledging that this kit car is about as close to the genuine article as that Rolex you bought from a mush in Shepherd’s Bush.

Pontiac-based ‘Lamborghini Murcielago’

We had a quick look on Auto Trader, where we discovered that Lamborghini Murcielago prices range from £130,000 to £500,000. Quite why you’d spend half a million quid on a proper supercar when this Pontiac-based ‘replica’ could have been yours for £11,000 is anyone’s guess.

‘Lamborghini Countach’ kit car

Wouldn’t you just love to turn up at an exclusive concours event and park this Ford V6-powered ‘Lamborghini Countach’ kit car alongside the world’s most expensive metal? We doubt you’d get further than the entrance gate.

Dodge Challenger: £11,500

The Dodge Challenger: the vehicle of choice for the drug dealer who doesn’t fancy flying under the radar. This 2010 example has been converted to run on LPG because even drug lords hate spending more than they need to on fuel.

Laser 917

Elite Enterprises constructed fibreglass cars from its base in Minnesota, with the Laser 917 arguably its most famous creation. The Porsche 917 replica was built on Volkswagen underpinnings and, according to Fiberclassics, some 679 units were sold between 1972 and 1982. Movie fans might remember the 917 in Herbie Goes Bananas.

BMW 633CSi


The DeLorean DMC-12 might be the most famous car from the Back to the Future franchise, but Griff Tannen’s hovering BMW 633CSi is almost as cool. This is the actual car used in the movie, but it has yet to be registered in the UK. It sold for £20,000, which strikes us as a pretty good price for an authentic movie car. Sadly, you’ll need to take an awful lot of drugs before this thing starts to hover.


Remember the Batpod from The Dark Knight movie? This isn’t the real thing, but it still managed to sell for £13,000 at the Belfast auction. The 10-ft long bike is powered by a Honda 340GX and comes with a pair of Hoosier tyres.

Batman Glastron V-174 replica

The Batman speedboat was based on a 1966 Glastron V-174, and while this isn’t the genuine article, it’s thought to be one of two replicas in Europe. It sold for £15,000, and the price included the trailer, which meant would-be Caped Crusaders could tow it home from Belfast behind their Batmobile.

Ford Gran Torino

This Ford Gran Torino is a replica of the car driven by David Starsky in Starsky & Hutch. It sold for a not-at-all unreasonable £7,500.

Reliant Rialto

The three-wheeler used in Only Fools and Horses is often incorrectly referred to as a Reliant Robin, or worse, a Robin Reliant. It was, in fact, a Reliant Supervan, based on the Regal. Just to confuse matters, the auction car is based on a 1986 Reliant Rialto. It sold for £6,000.

Postman Pat van

We’ll say one thing for the convicted drug dealer: he had a somewhat eclectic taste in cars. This tribute to Postman Pat is based on a Lambretta Willam, and it sold for £3,500 at the Wilsons Auctions sale.

Ford Popular ‘Ratmobile’

In 2015, this ‘Ratmobile’ replica sold for £1,250 on eBay. We’re not sure about the final hammer price in Belfast, but we do know that it came with Roland and Kevin soft toys.

BMW Isetta

According to the auctioneer at the Belfast sale, this 1958 BMW Isetta makes “one hell of a sound”. It sold for £10,000.

Mini Walls ice cream van

This 1967 Mini was converted into a Walls ice cream van and sold for £15,000 at the government auction. Look out for it at a classic car show in 2018.

Noddy car

It’s not in the best condition, but the auctioneers said: “This car is made from glass reinforced plastic, has twin electric motors driving the rear wheels and rechargeable 12v batteries. With the ability to turn 360 degrees.” It’s the perfect car for London, then?

Daewoo Musiro concept car

This Daewoo Musiro sold at a Brightwells auction in 2015 for £800: a bargain price for a one-off International Automotive Design (IAD) concept car.

Morris Mini-Minor

At some point, somebody has made this 1968 Morris Mini-Minor even more mini. It is the very antithesis of the modern Mini Countryman.

Volkswagen Caravelle

Wait, are those Land Rover Discovery headlights? This 1983 Volkswagen Caravelle has been given a makeover to give it the look of an armoured truck. It’s, er… interesting.

Mitsubishi steam train school bus

It’s an auction catalogue description you thought you’d never read: a Mitsubishi ‘steam train school bus, imported from Japan.’ Amazingly, this thing has done 204,000 miles but is in need of an MOT.

Citroen DS

Not everything in the sale of sci-fi memorabilia auction is weird, but this Citroen DS is undoubtedly wonderful.

Mercedes-Benz SL 500

As is this 1987 Mercedes-Benz SL 500, although the MOT history doesn’t make for encouraging reading.

Beauford Series 3

The Beauford Series 3 is a popular wedding car, built in the style of a 1930s grand tourer. Other items sold at the Belfast auction included a life-size Terminator statue, Willy Wonka waxwork and a 3-ft E.T. with an illuminating finger.

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