2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

2016 Silverstone Classic: in picturesIt’s Silverstone’s second biggest motoring event (after the British Grand Prix): more than 100,000 motorsport fans headed to the Northamptonshire circuit this weekend to see 10,000 classic cars on display and competing on track.

Paddock access2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

The best thing about Silverstone Classic is, unlike the Grand Prix, anyone with a ticket can get close to the action. Visitors over the weekend enjoyed full paddock access.

Can-Am2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Every year, Silverstone Classic holds a number of special parades to celebrate significant motoring anniversaries. This year, they included 50 years of Can-Am racing, with a pair of special commemoration races – the culmination of a three-round Can-Am 50 Interserie Challenge.

1966 World Cup2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Other celebrations included a car football match to celebrate the 50th anniversary of England winning the 1966 World Cup. Here’s Damon Hill showing off his dribbling skills.

James Hunt2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

More importantly for motorsport fans, it’s 40 years since F1 legend James Hunt overcame all odds to win the 1976 Formula One World Championship.

Freddie and Tom Hunt2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

James Hunt died in 1993 at the age of 45, but his sons Freddie and Tom Hunt were at this year’s Silverstone Classic to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his achievement. A number of his road and racing cars were on display at Silverstone, as well as trophies and memorabilia from his title-winning 1976 season.

Lamborghini Miura2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Other celebrations included the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Miura… and the 35th anniversary of the Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier.

Live restoration

eBay Range Rover

In a first for the Silverstone Classic programme, racing driver Fergus Walkinshaw and his team were restoring a Range Rover Classic over the weekend, using parts only bought on eBay.

Mike Brewer2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

TV star Mike Brewer was on hand giving restoration hints and tips through his car clinic – looking at a variety of cars, from the freshly-restored Range Rover to a modified E21 BMW 3 Series.

Motor racing2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Of course, the real action happens on the circuit. From historic F1 cars to Le Mans prototypes, there’s an eclectic mix of rare and expensive cars on track.

90s Endurance Legends2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

A particular highlight was the 90s Endurance Legends, celebrating racing cars such as the  McLaren F1 GTR long tail and Lister Storm GTM.

Historic Touring Car Challenge2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

The Historic Touring Car Challenge catered for a full grid of 58 touring cars raced between 1966 and 1985.

Masters Pre-66 Touring2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

The Masters Pre-66 Touring featured touring cars from before 1966, from classic Minis to big-engined yank tanks such as the Ford Falcon.

Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-61 Sports Cars2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Competing for the actual cup Stirling Moss was awarded for winning the 1955 British Grand Prix (his first-ever GP victory), visitors to Silverstone Classic were treated to a grid of purpose-built pre-1961 racing cars.

Legends of Modern Formula One2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Returning to Silverstone Classic for its second year, the high speed demo of modern F1 cars was held every day of the three-day festival. Where else can you get so close to a plethora of modern Grand Prix cars?

Clubs2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

More than 100 car clubs attended Silverstone Classic this year. This mouthwatering selection of Porsche 911s was one of our highlights.

Silverstone Auctions2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

A big part of the event is the Silverstone Classic auction. Grabbing the headlines this year was a Peugeot 205 GTi, which sold for an incredible £30,938.

Ferrari 512 TR2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

Other highlights included a 1994 Ferrari 512 TR which sold for £162,000…

Flatnose Porsche 930 Turbo2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

…and a £94,500 ‘flatnose’ Porsche 930 Turbo.

2016 Silverstone Classic2016 Silverstone Classic: in pictures

We’ll leave you with this shot of the Super Touring Cars – one of our favourite race categories at Silverstone Classic. Who could fail to feel nostalgic at the sight of a stickered-up Vauxhall Vectra?

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