Honda Civic Type R

Fastest Honda Civic Type R ever is greenest yet, too

Honda Civic Type RHonda has confirmed the new Civic Type-R doesn’t just get a big boost in performance, but also becomes the greenest hot Civic yet built.

The firm has announced the British-built car averages 38.7mpg on the NEDC combined cycle, which equates to CO2 emissions of 170g/km.

This compares to just 31mpg and a chunky 215g/km CO2 for the 2007-2010 FN2 Civic Type R.

It means buyers of the new 310hp Nurburgring FWD record lap time-claiming Civic benefit from band H VED road fund licence, costing £210 a year; the old car is in band K, costing £290.

The new Civic Type R is also Euro 6 emissions compliant.

Honda’s efficiency boost is all the more impressive when you consider the massive 110hp power boost between the two Civic Type Rs: the new 2.0-litre turbo version is over a second faster to 62mph, clocking 5.7 seconds in the benchmark dash. It will also do 167mph.

Part of the economy gain comes through the addition of Idling Stop – functionality that is disabled when the new R+ mode is selected.

But then, as this also makes the engine mapping more aggressive, quickens the steering gearing and ups its weight, ups damping forces by 30% and allows more yaw in corners before the VSA stability control kicks in, maybe fuel economy won’t be the first thing on drivers’ minds in this mode…

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