Tokyo Drift Nissan 350Z

This Fast and Furious Nissan 350Z will cost you £100,000

Tokyo Drift Nissan 350Z

A Nissan Fairlady which appeared in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift has gone up for sale on Auto Trader – with a whopping £99,950 price tag.

Badged as the 350Z in Europe, this Nissan Fairlady is far from standard. Owned in the film by Takashi, also known as the ‘Drift King’ (DK), it’s kitted out with its iconic Nitrous Oxide system (installed for cinematic purposes only, says the seller). With its distinctive bodywork, the car was used in a number of races throughout the city of Tokyo in the film, and even appeared on promotional material for the 2006 film.

A car collector bought DK’s drift machine from Universal Pictures following the release of the film. It was registered in Japan in 2002, and has since been shipped to the UK where it’s now being sold by dealer Auto Logix.

Described as “the most famous 350Z in the world”, the car is priced at £99,950 and is understood to be one of just two Nissan 350Zs that survived filming of Tokyo Drift. Another six were written off during filming.

“It’s the car of every boy racer’s dreams, but we doubt the next owner of this car will spend too much time cruising your local retail car park,” said Auto Trader editorial director Erin Baker.

“Unique in every way, we’re delighted to have another Hollywood star showcased on the UK’s largest automotive marketplace, and I’m certain we can match with an owner that shows a little bit more TLC than Takashi did 11 years ago.”

The car advertised is believed to be the one used in the famous drifting scenes of the film, and is said to be the only with desirable performance upgrades including the APS twin-turbo engine.

Tokyo Drift Nissan 350Z

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