Fake Ferrari factory raided by police

Fake Ferrari factory raided by police

Fake Ferrari factory raided by police

Cops in Spain have raided a sweatshop that churns out bogus Ferraris and Lamborghinis using old Toyota, Ford and Peugeot models.

Police became suspicious after stopping a Toyota MR2 Ferrari lookalike in Benidorm – and traced it back to a factory in the north-eastern region of Catalonia.

When they raided the premises they discovered 14 wannabe supercars in different stages of build, along with 950 marijuana plants and all the accessories needed for a growing them.

Along with the typical MR2-based Ferrari F355 replicas, the production line also featured Ferrari 348, 360 and 430 models – as well as a fake Lamborghini – using Peugeot 406 Coupes and Ford Cougars.

A number of the models were also advertised online, priced at around £35,000.

Despite the supercar looks, all cars featured their original engines ranging from 2.0 to 2.5 litres.

“The investigation began after the intervention in Benidorm of a vehicle that simulated the appearance of a sports car of the Ferrari brand, infringing the industrial property rights of the aforementioned brand,” police said in a statement, which we’ve translated.

“Thanks to the investigation of the agents, it was possible to identify the person who carried out the manufacture of the counterfeit vehicle and its subsequent sale through second-hand sale websites.”

Replica Ferraris increased in popularity in the UK during the 90s – and a number of British firms still offer copycat kits online today.

With Toyota MR2s available for as little as £1,000, the full conversion can be carried out for less than £10,000.

Secondhand examples can be picked up for around £5,000. Just don’t expect anyone to be fooled into thinking you’ve really bought a Ferrari.

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