Skoda Octavia umbrella

Everywhere you go, always take the Skoda brolly with you

Skoda Octavia umbrella

Shirley Manson is only happy when it rains; Fran Healey wonders why it always rains on him; The Weather Girls were delighted to find men raining from the sky; and Rihanna invites anyone who will listen to stand under her umbrella. But to date, nobody has penned any lyrics about Skoda’s integrated umbrella range.

As Neil Finn so nearly sang, everywhere Britons go, they always take the brolly with them. After all, we do, on average, experience 133 days of rainfall ever year. Which means Skoda’s decision to add an integrated umbrella to the Citigo, Fabia and Octavia will come as good news to oft-drenched British motorists.

Raindrops will stop falling on your head if you opt for the Citigo and Fabia from SE trim level upwards, while Octavia buyers will benefit from the new umbrella and storage system as a £25 option on SE models and above. The brollies have an anti-bacterial coating and are housed in a ventilated tray with a water-repellent lining.

The umbrellas – which sit in a neat under-seat storage tray – will be available on models ordered from 8 August 2016, so you’ll have to wait a while before your Skoda can offer protection from the rain. We suggest wearing a coat and putting your hood up in the meantime. Alternatively, stay indoors.

Meanwhile, the current Skoda Superb continues to offer two umbrellas, neatly tucked away within the front door structures, meaning imperious Superb owners can continue to look down on drivers of Skoda’s more utilitarian models. Because two brollies are better than one, right?

If you fancy standing under Skoda’s umbrella, the cheapest point of entry is the £9,135 Citigo SE 1.0. Alternatively, some opportunist Skoda dealers are offering branded umbrellas on a well-known auction site for £12 with free ‘click and collect’ at a well-known catalogue-enriched high street store. Just got to hope it doesn’t rain on your way into town.

We’ll leave you with this ‘classic’ song from 1982. That’s today’s ‘earworm’ sorted.

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