Essex villagers slash tyres of parked holidaymakers

Airport parking Essex villages

Holidaymakers who parked in the Essex villages of Takeley and Canfield have been coming back from their travels to unpleasant surprises. Slashed tyres and stickered windscreens are among the actions taken by local residents, who are angry about drivers using their streets to avoid Stansted airport parking charges.

The issue of ‘fly-parking’ goes beyond a lack of parking spaces. Other worries include blockages that slow the passage of emergency services, and buses no longer being able to use the affected roads. 

Many residents have tried putting up signs, but the success rate has apparently been low. Airport parking Essex villages

“I just think people are really not happy,” Canfield resident Christ Drew told Mail Online. “We keep being told to speak to the council but we feel like nothing gets done. What else can we do? Nobody seems to have any answers.

“There was talk about permits but it would be dependent on cost because if you can’t afford it, do you not get a resident parking permit?”

Resident-only parking permits are the likely solution, nonetheless, and have the support of local parish councils.

Airport parking Essex villages

“As a member of the Fly Parking Task Group, the NEPP is aware of this problem and enforces in residential areas in the vicinity of the airport as and when it can,” said a spokesperson for the North Essex Parking Partnership.

“NEPP considers the potential benefits and impacts of many parking or waiting restriction requests from across north Essex and would be happy to do so for any submitted by residents living in the vicinity of the airport. Applications for parking or waiting restrictions must be able to demonstrate clear support, including from the local ward councillor.”

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