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England World Cup stars to get posh new motors – win or lose

England Smart13 England World Cup stars will return home from Brazil this summer to a new supercar or luxury car – even if they don’t receive their reported £350,000 win bonus for lifting the World Cup trophy.

Magnitude Finance is preparing the finance packages for the footballers right now, with models such as the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster, Ferrari 458 Spider and Range Rover Autobiography among the players’ forthcoming choice new cars.

Director Tim Marlow said: “Many of the England squad and Premiership-based players representing the nations are looking to buy new cars either to mark a good tournament or a treat after a long season.

“From the proposals we’re putting together, it promises to be the largest amount of finance provided for our footballer clientele during a summer – regardless of how England fair in Brazil.”

Marlow believes the players may actually be searching for the cars while over in Brazil now they have their finance in place. “They’ll have a lot of time on their hands in between matches and we know they like to browse cars on the web and play around with the finance figures.”

One player has even pre-arranged a credit line of more than £500,000, after funding over 10 of his cars – a fleet that include a £210,000 Aston Martin Vanquish, £248,000 Ferrari 458 Italia and a £110,000 Range Rover Autobiography…

How footballers buy supercars


Marlow also revealed the psyche behind footballers and cars. He said there’s a lot of competition between players: “They all want to have the best, most exclusive car to show their teammates and to out-do each other, which often sees additional body kits and big specification extras being ordered.

“In late June we normally see a flurry of activity as players start buying so they can turn up in a new, jaw-dropping car on the first day of pre-season training.”

They also don’t forward-order, he added. “If they want a specific car they will come home from the World Cup and go out and buy it – they’ve very impulsive that way.” That’s why Marlow has made sure Magnitude can react and turn deals around quickly, he added.

So next time you see a footballer in a polished gold LaFerrari, or see them scooped in a Lamborghini one day and a McLaren the next, now you know why and how…

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