Elephant proves Volkswagen Polo is small but tough

VW-Polo-ElephantThis week, an elephant sat on a Volkswagen Polo. It’s OK; both occupants (yes, and elephant) are absolutely fine. 

And it’s the fact the two passengers, aged in their 20s or 30s, were completely unhurt that’s wowed the world.

Not least Volkswagen’s advertising department, which of course coined the ad campaign ‘Polo: Small But Tough’. You can probably still hear the whoops and high fives, and completely understand their delighted fast-reaction print ad reproduced above.

Polo: small but… elephant-proof

The Polo was damaged, of course. The poor little supermini suffered four blown tyres and many smashed windows; the chassis was also broken, report onlookers. However, it otherwise stood up well to having an elephant sit down on it.

Crucially, it perfectly protected those inside.

The lazy elephant in question lives in the Pilanesburg National Park in South Africa – and African elephants weight at least four tonnes. Some can weigh seven tonnes.

A mid-range 1.2 TSI five-door Polo? 1100kg, says the Motoring Research database.

Which proves that Volkswagen’s advertising department is correct. The Polo is indeed small and certainly appears to be tough.

Now, just try not to get teary watching the below Small But Tough advert…

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