Electric vehicle drivers claim not to hit pedestrians

ev1100% of electric vehicle drivers surveyed say they haven’t noticed a rise in the number of pedestrians they’ve run over compared to when driving a conventionally powered car.

The bizarre (albeit reassuring) survey, which asked voters to consider “all types of pedestrians as well as other road users such as skateboarders, cyclists and cold-callers”, attracted a small but vocal response claiming not to have hit more pedestrians since buying an EV.

It comes following a recent Radio 4 discussion on whether EVs are a silent killer.

One respondent, a Cornish member of the Speak EV forum, says he has had to beep at a few cats to avoid running them over.

Another claims to have had a stare-out with a robin.

What do you think, are EVs a danger to pedestrians? Should Nissan LEAFs come with a SoundRacer and external speakers as standard? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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