Nearly half think electric cars should make engine noises

What sound should electric cars make?

A recent survey reveals 43 percent of drivers think electric cars should sound like their petrol and diesel-powered equivalents.

The study by Venson asked about a standardised noise of EV ‘engine’. In total, 23 percent said they wanted a continuous low-decibel sound, while six percent said they wanted something completely different.

Options included for that included classical music, whale song, and ocean waves…

What sound should electric cars make?

A new law, due to come into effect by July 2021, mandates that an acoustic vehicle alert system (AVAS) must be fitted to all electric or hybrid vehicles. EU drivers will also be able to manually trigger a warning sound, as they could a horn, only less urgent in sound.

Seventy percent of those surveyed said this sound should simply be a horn, while 13 percent said a warning phrase like ‘EV approaching’ would do the trick. Six percent said they’d like an animal sound.

Generally speaking, the prevailing view is that cars should make car noises, then…

What noise should electric cars make?

“The integration of AVAS into hybrid and electric vehicles is a very positive move,” said Alison Bell, marketing director for Venson Automotive Solutions.

“Almost silent electric and hybrid cars put vulnerable road users at risk, especially children, the partially sighted and blind.

“With over 100 years of petrol and diesel engine sounding vehicles on our roads, people naturally react to the sound of an approaching vehicle or a horn being sounded. Keeping sounds we are used to hearing on UK roads makes the most sense when it comes to road safety and saving lives.”

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