Electric car searches up 78 percent on Auto Trader

Fastest-selling used car is electric

Auto Trader has revealed the cars that are selling the quickest on its platform. Retaining its impressive top spot is the Renault Zoe electric car. At present, the 2016 variant is selling in just 25 days.

Even more interesting is the fact that Auto Trader says searches for electric cars on the platform have increased by 78 percent over the last 12 months.

“With more and more new generation models set to reach showrooms this year, coupled with fast improving infrastructure, its looking increasingly likely that 2020 will indeed be the year of electric,” said Karolina Edwards-Smajda, Auto Trader’s director of commercial products.

January represents a slight drop-off for the Zoe overall. While the 2016 model leads in January, no others are in the top ten. By comparison, in December, three Zoe variants made the list. 

It’s got a good lead on its listmates, too. The 2016 Zoe sells a full three days quicker than the second-placed Mazda CX-5 diesel.

Electric cars demand and value 2019

By comparison, the ten slowest-selling vehicles take an average 145 days to sell.

Overall, 2016 cars are popular, says Auto Trader, because of the quality of nearly-new cars. A 2016 car can offer “almost the same quality as their brand-new counterparts but at a much lower price tag. They’re also not in short supply, as cars coming off three-year finance cycles ‘flood‘ the market”.

RankMake / modelFuel & transmissionAuto Trader Retail RatingPredicted days to sell
12016 Renault ZoeElectric – Automatic99.7125
22016 Mazda CX-5Diesel – Manual99.3428
32016 Toyota AygoPetrol – Automatic99.0329
42016 Ford KaPetrol – Manual98.9629
52016 Volkswagen UpPetrol – Automatic98.3029
62018 Audi A1Petrol – Automatic98.1429
72016 Dacia Logan MCVDiesel – Manual98.0229
82016 Mazda CX-5Diesel – Automatic98.9530
92016 Dacia Sandero StepwayDiesel – Manual99.4632
102016 Dacia DusterDiesel – Manual99.2734

“Despite a slight increase of traditional fuelled vehicles on the top 10, it’s impossible to ignore the huge shift in consumer perception towards low emission cars,” Edwards-Smajda followed.

“Whilst we’re a long way from mass adoption, every metric on our marketplace indicates an ever-growing appetite for electric.”

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