Power company makes charging an EV 10 times cheaper than petrol

Scottish power electric charging ten times less than petrol

Scottish Power’s new SmartPower Green EV January 2021 tariff will provide a discounted charging price at home, the equivalent of one-tenth the cost of fuel.

That’s right, per mile, the cost of charging your car on this new tariff is equivalent to one-tenth of the cost of running a standard petrol car when you compare electric costs and fuel costs. This, based on a comparison between a Hyundai Kona Electric charging during the off-peak time, and the cost of fuelling a petrol Kona for the exact same mileage. The tariff discounts electricity for electric car charging between midnight and 5am.

The Smart EV charger allows charging to be scheduled via a smartphone app, too, so you can specifically charge during the discounted hours without having to plug and unplug manually.

Scottish Power’s Smart EV Charger debuted last year as the UK’s smallest fast charging point and can juice your EV twice as quickly as many others. For the extra eco-conscious among you, it’ll be reassuring to note that the tariff runs on 100 percent renewable power, with an Ofgem REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) certificate offered for every MWh of electricity of purchased on this tariff.

‘A game changer’

Scottish power electric charging ten times less than petrol

Regardless of your thoughts on electric cars, there is one language that is universally understood – money. Keith Anderson, Scottish Power’s CEO, believes this will enable a smooth and accelerated transition to electric car ownership.

“A tariff that enables drivers to charge their vehicle for up to ten times less than the cost of petrol is a game changer. Scottish Power wants to help customers benefit from electric vehicles as quickly as possible as that will help improve air quality and cut carbon quicker. Helping to cut the cost of motoring will help people switch to electric vehicles faster.”

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