DVLA website crashes due to 15-plate demand

DVLAThe DVLA personalised registration website has crashed due to heavy demand for the latest 15-plate personal numbers released today.

The ‘15’ series personal plates went live at 8.30am this morning (4 December) and users reported problems soon after.

Issues include a failure to load and, more frustratingly for some users, slow loading: there are reports people can see the number plate they’ve been waiting for is available, but then can’t complete the transaction to secure it.

The website issues could even see some users missing out on the opportunity to secure their perfect plate.

The DVLA is offering feedback on the current issues via Twitter. Its latest update reads: “We’re experiencing high demand for our 15 series launch, pls keep trying if you’re having issues accessing the site”

Earlier, it admitted that “high demand is causing slow loading time’.

Are you trying to secure a 15-series personalised registration plate? Are you having issues with the site and are unable to complete your order? If so, let us know!

UPDATE, 1700h: The DVLA has been in touch with us to say the problems have now been fixed and that “everything is running smoothly.

“In fact, we’ve already sold 7,000 registration marks and made £3.6 million of sales.”

So if you’ve now got a quiet evening in front of the TV and want to search for that 15-plate you’ve always wanted, go right ahead.

Let us know if BR15TOL is still for sale, won’t you…

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  • Ha – what a joke – all the ’15’ plates that might make up names / surnames seem to have been filtered off the site for future auctions..

  • Lee

    Not a chance of securing a plate between 8.30 and 11.00 am today while all the big players in the number plate game were jamming up the website.
    Of course it works fine now all the valuable or attractive plates have been sold !

  • Steve

    Was done online to be a fairer system.. Hardly fair really.. A plate i wanted £1600 dealer bought and tried immediatly to sell me £5000.. 6 months later £35,000.. just cause I have the same surname as an MP.. Its criminal the over exagerated price of these plates