DVLA phone lines jammed by industrial action over pay dispute


The DVLA has warned that customers may experience longer waiting times as staff at its Swansea call centre walk out over a pay dispute.

The strike begins today and will last until Sunday – with 650 Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union members taking action.

In a statement, the DVLA said: “It’s possible that DVLA’s Contact Centre may offer a reduced service and you may experience longer waiting times when contacting us by phone or social media.”

PCS said the dispute has been trigged by the DVLA’s decision not to pay an allowance for Saturday working to contact-centre staff recruited since the start of 2015, and a 50% cut for staff who do receive it from 1 September.

You can now tax your car online via the DVLA’s website, and even notify them if you’ve sold a vehicle.