Bentley Wolfgang DurheimerFormer Bentley boss Wolfgang Durheimer will return to the Crewe firm as chairman and CEO in June, replacing current boss Dr Wolfgang Schreiber.

Dr Schreiber is to take up an as-yet unspecified position within the Volkswagen Group.

The return of the current Volkswagen Motorsport representative Durheimer to Bentley Motors rounds out a remkarlable few years for the former long-timer Porsche AG board member. He first became CEO of Bentley and Bugatti in 2011, before becoming an Audi AG board member responsible for technical development in September 2012.

Rumours of a fallout because of a difference in strategy saw him step down from this role in June 2013 and since then he’s taken on other roles within Volkswagen Group.

Now, it’s back to Bentley – to, says the firm, start “contributing the experience he has gained throughout the Group”.

Dr. Schreiber has presided over a period of record sales, deliveries and profit at Bentley since joining in September 2012: Bentley delivered 10,120 vehicles, 19% more than in 2012 – and in Q1 2014, deliveries are already up 17% even on that.

Sales grew by 15.5% to €1.68 billion and profit rose by a staggering 66.9% to €167.7 million. It’s even become the VW Group centre of excellence for W12 engines. With plenty more growth expected with the arrival of Bentley’s first-ever SUV on the horizon (one recently confirmed to include Bentley plug-in hybrid technology).

For Wolfgang Durheimer, the surprise return after his brief Audi interlude is certainly a very well timed one…