Ducati Memorabilia: Own parts once used in MotoGP race bikes

You could own Ducati race bike parts

Ducati and Ducati Corse have launched a new project called Memorabilia. It gives enthusiasts the opportunity to buy and own genuine parts once used in Ducati’s MotoGP and SBK race machinery.

Crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, con-rods and more will be available for enthusiasts. Each part is personally certified by Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali and Gigi Dall’lgna, engineer and general manager at Ducati Corse.

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Each piece will also come with a technical description and information on who rode the bike it came from, and the season in which it was ridden.

All pieces will come mounted in a plexiglass display case, with a certificate of authenticity to accompany it. The base of each case will come with an inscription of what year and race the part was in service, and what bike it was from.

Exactly how far back the marque will be reaching for these memorabilia pieces is unknown. The parts are described as coming from bikes used in ‘recent’ years of MotoGP and SBK racing.

You could own Ducati race bike parts

Initially, you’ll only be able to buy these display pieces from the Ducati store in Bologna, Italy, or from Ducati dealerships.

From 2020, you’ll be able to order parts online too. Given that these are authentic race bike parts, needless to say, they are also limited in supply.

Expect the limited availability of these parts to also mean that they’ll cost a pretty tidy sum, too. Although for some devoted enthusiasts, there won’t be a price too high…

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