Road Rage

Driving to work ‘more depressing than using bus or train’

Road RageCommuters who take the bus or train to work are happier and less stressed than those who drive, a new study of 18,000 Brits has revealed.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia found that those who take public transport are healthier and are able to sleep better – and car commuters were reportedly 13 per cent more stressed and lacking in concentration.

The health benefits come through a combination of walking to the bus stop or railway station, coupled with the travel itself being less stressful. Buses and trains give people time to relax, read and socialise, said the researchers, which appears to cheer them up compared to car drivers.

Interesting trends were revealed in the report: the longer someone’s walk to the bus stop or railway station, the more relaxed they felt. Conversely, car drivers with a commute of between and hour and 90 minutes were the most stressed and irritated.

Curiously though, once the length of the commute reached three hours or more, any negative effects disappear…

The results of the survey have been published in the journal Preventative Medicine and could now be used by businesses to improve the health of their workers.

The data, which goes back 18 years, found that 73 per cent of Brits commute to work, 13 per cent walk and 3 per cent cycled.

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