Drivetribe: 7 tribes you need to join now

Drivetribe: 7 tribes you need to join now

Drivetribe: 7 tribes you need to join now

Forget Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the latest must-use platform for car enthusiasts is Drivetribe. Established by The Grand Tour hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May, the car enthusiast social network is owned by the trio’s company: W. Chump and Sons.

It allows petrolheads to establish and join ‘tribes’, which can be for anything loosely car-related. These tribes provide a home for all kind of car enthusiasts – from supercar spotters to those who appreciate a practical estate car.

“If two people have an interest in, say, the Bolivian custom car scene, there’s now a place for them to share it,” explains James May. “This is the velvet revolution of motoring enthusiasts, and there are millions of us, waiting. I hope we take over the world.”

Jeremy Clarkson adds: “The internet is brilliant. You can watch Pandas sneezing and find out when it’s high water in the Easter Islands. But until Drivetribe came along, there’s never been a one-stop-shop for people who like cars.”

After months of build up, Drivetribe is launching today – with Clarkson, Hammond and May holding a live Q&A about the site and their own personal tribes. If you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, we’ve rounded up a selection of tribes we think are worth a look.

1: Dogs in Cars

1: Dogs in Cars

This tribe does exactly what it says on the tin. It involves pictures of dogs. In cars. And pictures of dogs in cars are always worth a few minutes of internet browsing, right? On the first day of the site being open to the public, Dogs in Cars already has more than 8,000 members.

From a Dalmatian in a Mini Moke to a Westie in a Ferrari, Dogs in Cars has lots to like.

2: Future Machines

Keen on seeing what the motoring world looks like in the not-so-distant future? Future Machines is a tribe led by industrial designer Joey Ruiter. So far, it has more than 23,000 members keen to see his vision of cars of the future.

He says: “This tribe is about shaping a future that might be closer than you think. This is where ordinary things meet the unexpected to create amazing, unbelievable machines.”

3: Eleven Tenths

Although anyone can set up a tribe, a number of well-known motoring journalists have been brought in to populate the site and give fans a reason to keep returning. Jethro Bovingdon, previously of Evo magazine, is now editor-at-large at Drivetribe – and runs a tribe called Eleven Tenths.

“ET [Eleven Tenths] is going to be a little oasis of fun and noise and smoke. A place to see some amazing footage and photography of some fantastic cars on the best roads and tracks out there, as well as place for members to share their own adventures, too. A 100% guilt-free environment in which to celebrate the simple pleasure of driving.”

4: Perfect Roads

4: Perfect Roads

All car enthusiasts appreciate a good, traffic-free road – and this tribe celebrates exactly that. Established by Sara Nåse, the founder of a supercar driving tour company based in the south of France, Perfect Roads will feature “stories about the perfect road trip, brought to life with amazing photography.”

It seems that Drivetribe members are convinced, with nearly 35,000 already in the group.

5: Off Road the Planet

Are you a fan of 4x4s and off-roading? Proving that there’s a tribe for everyone (supercar fans need not apply to this particular group), Off Road the Planet has been set up by enthusiast Robb Pritchard.

He describes the tribe as: “Featuring unimaginable builds doing unimaginable things: from tales of the extreme, the strange and the inspiring, to reports from the world’s toughest competitions, weirdest expeditions and most unbelievable destinations.”

6: Curves, Soulful Driving

Curves magazine celebrates the joy of a road trip. Featuring stunning pictures of mountain passes, it’s aspirational reading for those of us who love the idea of jumping in a car and seeking motoring nirvana.

This tribe has been set up by the magazine’s founder, Stefan Bogner. It features incredible video footage, along with some amazing pictures guaranteed to drive you towards Google Maps and hours of dreaming.

7: Selfies With Cars

7: Selfies With Cars

If we said there was a tribe called Selfies With Cars and asked you to guess which of the three The Grand Tour presenters set it up, James May probably wouldn’t be the first name to pop into your head. But he’s set up a tribe called just that.

“This is intended as an all-inclusive worldwide forum for people wanting to make themselves look a right tit on a global scale,” he says, “but… with a car in the background. Crack on.”

Only 51 fans have joined the tribe so far.

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