Over half of drivers feel nervous about visiting garages

Drivers intimidated by mechanics

New research reveals 58 percent of motorists find it daunting visting a garage or mechanic to have their car checked over. And 54 percent of drivers said they’d sooner wait until work was absolutely essential before going to a garage.

The study by online repair website Clickmechanic seems to show a disconnect between drivers and mechanics. Drivers intimidated by mechanics

“Let’s face it. At the end of the day, garages, in general, are not the nicest of places to visit,” said Nigel Bennett of ClickMechanic.

“The environment can be quite intimidating if you don’t know a great deal about cars, so it’s no surprise that people feel daunted by the noises, smells, array of machinery and the people covered in oil. To cross the threshold of this cathedral of cacophony and try to explain what the problem is with your car puts the fear of God into a lot of people, making the anxiety of trying not to look like a fool an even more daunting prospect.”

Drivers intimidated by mechanics

Striking up a dialogue with your mechanic will be good for settling any nerves, so here are a few questions you might want to ask:

Bringing your car in
How long can I drive my vehicle before my issue becomes a real problem?
How much and how long will a diagnosis be?
Can I get the diagnosis and quote in writing on an invoice?
How long will the work take and when will it be completed?
Is there a guarantee or warranty?

The work to be done
What parts will be used on my car, and can I see the replaced parts and the issue with them?
If the mechanic tried the car, how did it drive, and how did it improve post-repair?
How much and how long will a diagnosis be?
Can I get the diagnosis and quote in writing on an invoice?
What should I keep an eye on?


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