Funeral cortege

How should drivers deal with a funeral procession?

Funeral cortegeMost drivers have no idea what to do when they encounter a funeral procession and risk showing grieving families a hurtful lack of respect, a survey has revealed.

The CEO of Wilcox Limousines, Paul Wilcox, has thus produced an etiquette guide to help the 91% of motorists who admit their not fully sure what to do when they come across a funeral procession.

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“People tend to be in a great hurry to get where they need to be,” said Wilcox.

“Funeral directors can certainly appreciate this, (but) does it hurt too slow down for a few minutes out of respect for a life once lived?

Some may find it surprising that such instances occur, but nearly 200 funeral directors polled say otherwise: 59% believe Brits are simply unaware of good funeral cortege etiquette.

Wilcox has thus written a five-point guide to help motorists refresh the good etiquette appreciated in funereal corteges:

  1. Grant a funeral procession right of way when driving
  2. All funeral corteges move at a slow pace. Never overtake or cut into a procession
  3. Wait until all the cars in the procession have passed before using a pelican crossing
  4. Turn down any in-car musing as a cortege passes
  5. Roadside workers should try to bring all work to a temporary stop as the procession passes

“Put yourselves in the shoes of a grieving family,” added Wilcox. “Would you like a beeping car horn or an aggressive overtaking manoeuvre to interrupt your mourning if you were in their place?”

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